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Health research that will transform lives for the global deaf community

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The Problem

Public health policies worldwide are inadvertently failing to meet the needs of the deaf community.

The research these policies are based on historically overlooks deaf populations. This has left the global deaf community overburdened with overlapping and cumulative health issues that remain largely undocumented and unaddressed.

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Our Answer

The Global Deaf Research program is a pioneering, deaf-led research endeavor which will collect seminal quality of life data for the global deaf community. By making this data available to local organizations and policy makers, we will support the inclusion of the deaf experience in public health policy.


Their stories matter

Language barriers isolate deaf populations from the resources, services, and health information necessary to protect themselves during a health crisis, a fact tragically highlighted during the global pandemic. Lifesaving health communications are typically conveyed via auditory sources such as radio and television, excluding deaf populations.

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